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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scrapaholics World...Check!

I knew that the Scrapaholics World Contest starts at 2:30 pm so I plan to be at Abreeza at 1:00pm today. At 1:30pm I was still at home trying to pacify a crying baby. I almost did not go because I was thinking that I won't arrive on time but Mike urged me to go so I dashed off! I got there at 2:00pm and I immediately registered. I paid P150 and got a kit. I still have no pictures so I hurried to Photoline at the 3rd floor and had my pictures printed in just 10 minutes. I then ran all the way to the 1st floor. I got there on time as they were already giving instructions for the contest. My friend Agnes saved me a seat so while still trying to catch my breath I started with my entry for the contest. We were given an hour to make a 1 scrapbook page with the theme, Wacky Me and I came up with this entry.

We were told that the winners will be announced in an hour so while waiting for the judging to finish they raffled off prizes and all of us got something. The sponsors were so generous(National Bookstore, Bic and Hallmark)  I'm so happy with my prizes :D I looked around and saw that most participants were kids and their parents. I even saw Bea Atienza (Junior Masterchef Davao Contestant) and she looks cute in person as she does on TV. 
Finally the winners were announced and I didn't win but I'm still happy because of the stuffs I got and because I am really excited and inspired to start Kulay's Scrapbook. I promised myself to start before the month ends...well see :)


  1. Wow... how can I ever missed this event? Unless it's for moms, then I wouldn't really know hahaha... I so jealous with the prizes and goodies you mentioned... =)

  2. @April: I almost missed this event too...I just happened to read about it in on the ABreeza FB page...they said they'll do it again next year so hope you can join.It's not for mommies only hehehe

  3. Ate Flo, i-invite ko next time naa ani nga event ha. Gusto pud ko mag join hehehe..

  4. @Nor:sure2x kami lang to ni AIlyn naka Rhea wala pud kahabol



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