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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kulay's 1st Halloween

I used to smirk at friends who get so excited about Halloween because I don't think it's worth celebrating since it is not a Filipino or Catholic Holiday. But now that I have a kid, I changed my mind and got rid of the smirk. Any excuse to dress up in costumes, eat treats and have FUN with friends and family should be enough reason to celebrate! Mike and I have thought months before of our son's costume and we immediately agreed on him wearing a Prisoner's outfit. We think that it's unique and cool! I even thought of this tagline...Orange but not pumpkin, Scary but not a  Ghost....One should fear the living and not the dead...
Not quite scary when asleep :)
So armed with our costume, Mike,Me,Kulay and cousins with their kids trooped to Abreeza Ayala Mall to join their Once upon a Halloween activity.   There were lots of activities that entertained both kids and adults. Storytelling, Puppet Shows, balloon twisting, Face Painting, Photobooth (courtesy of the Techie shops like Lenovo, Epson, Asus and etc) and of course Trick or Treating around the mall. There were also food booths with Halloween treats. Each kid who joined the Once upon the Halloween got a loot bag at the end of the morning activity but the activities and show at the atrium continued throughout the day.
Storytelling/Puppet Show


Store attendants also dressed up!

Lots of Halloween Photo Corners around the mall

We saw lots of kids in costume, from the usual witches and Dracula to more imaginative characters such as Mulawin, Bumblebee and a lot2x more. I really admire the parents for their creativity and the kids for gamely wearing the costumes. I am now inspired to think of another cool costume for next year. 
Trick or Treat at Fridays!

Among the many activities I enjoyed Trick or Treating the most, the stores were so generous with giving candies and coupons with discounts! The kids really enjoyed seeing their basket overflowing with treats. Mike and I were excited too as Kulay's basket piled up with candies because we will be the ones eating them *insert evil laugh* which reminds me that I still have lots of candies to eat so ta-tah!


  1. I want candies too.

    Ang cute naman ng costume ni Kulay. Kaw gumawa?

  2. Kalingaw diay oi! Hehehe... Ganahan ko sa costume ni Kulay...

    Hope maka join na si Bella next year...

  3. Hi Raine!

    I read your message on FB super late na, left GenSan on Saturday and went straight to motherhood roles. My bad! Kulay does not look like a prisoner at all, he looks sooo innocent! but I have to hand it to you, he had a very unique costume, thumbs up for the creativity Mommy Raine! :) Hope to catch you and Kulay next time. Love to you!

  4. @Ria: You should've grab a kid and went Trick or Treating hehehe ang costume ginawa ng kasama ko...di na kaya ng powers ko ang may zipper :D

    @Rovie:thanks...join sunod para ma experience pud ninyo hehehe

    @Lany: lagi feeling nako busy ka.Thanks and hope to catch up with you and Leia too *hugs*

  5. hehehe ka choi. giposas pa jud! =D

  6. @Julienne:Thanks!ang amahan nagposas ana para kompleto jud daw props :D

  7. raine, naay giveaway na digital scrapbooking kit

  8. @Julienne: Thanks for the info.Will check it out :)



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