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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Globe's Christmas in November with Davao Bloggers

A Christmas Party in November? On a Weekday? Mike and I were full of questions as we went to the Globe Party. We didn't quite know what to expect since it was our first time to join an activity by Globe. See, Davao based Bloggers were invited by Globe Telecommunications for a Thanksgiving slash Early Christmas Party in November at Probinsiya Restaurant( located at Victoria Plaza Compound). When we got there we registered and enjoyed the sumptuous buffet served by Probinsiya. When everybody has eaten and  settled down and the hosts and Globe executives has arrived from Manila the party began. We were told that we will be having a quiz night and in between games they will be giving away raffles! The excitement level started to climb up! We were an intimate group of 21 and were divided into 3 groups.
The Three Groups
I belonged to the second group with Drew,Lyle,Perry,Crisylyn, Anj and Princess.We named our group Globe Platinum 7 and we had a cheering competition in which our group won. Thanks to Perry for quickly coming up with the Barok cheer :)

Barok Cheer !
Then we had the quiz night which i thoroughly enjoyed! The topics ranged from general trivia to That's Entertainment, Movies and Music, Globe products to Bomba stars! I learned a lot from the quiz like what happened to Jovit Moya and who is Coca Nicolas :D Our group won second place. 
As to the raffles, I was eyeing the Ipad while Mike was crossing his fingers for the Iphone but sadly we didn't win. The lucky winners were Chito-Nokia X2, Brendel-Iphone and Crislyn-Ipad. Congratulations to the winners, guys just let us know if you plan to donate your gadgets :) After the games we were shown the globe's latest ad, Today I will...Go lang na Go! I like the ad because it sends a positive message of seizing the day and being proactive.
 After the awards and giving of prizes and giveaways, sadly the party has come to an end. 
Wacky Group Shot!
The night started with questions and ended with more questions! When is the next Globe event? Will I win in the Raffle? Kidding aside, we're filled with a sense of excitement for more future events with Globe, new products and improved services. I'm really thankful that we were able to be part of this event which gave us an opportunity to bond with fellow bloggers and the Globe Team. It gave us a chance to know more about Globe in a deeper level, not just a brand but a group of people who wants to provide us with quality service. Go lang ng Go! :)

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