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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Avengers Movie

Watching movies in the cinema have become a luxury for Mike and Me as I mentioned before. But thanks to   the Davao Bloggers community (esp. to Andrew) and Globe who cooked up a free movie screening of The Avengers at Abreeza last Friday, we were able to watch the movie. Lucky for us that there were still slots left. We immediately contacted our parents to babysit Kulay so can watch the movie. 
Okay enough of the intro and into the movie. IT WAS SIMPLY AWESOME!!! I have such high expectations about the movie and I wasn't even exceeded my expectations. What I love most about the movie was that aside from the superb cast, action scenes, effects and story line , the dialogue and exchanges between the characters were so witty esp. those that involves The Hulk! I wondered a bit why they didn't cast Edward Norton who originally played it in the solo movie so I Googled and learned that it was due to financial issues between him and the makers. Oh well, Mark Ruffalo though not as as famous as Norton still gave justice to the role. I am looking forward to watching the movie again and again and will be counting the days for the next Avengers movie.I have read that Keanu Reeves and Angelina Jolie will be on the next Avengers so more reasons to be excited!

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  1. it would be AWESOME if angelina jolie would be on the next avengers movie!

    i haven't watched the hulk's solo movie but i think that mark ruffalo portrayed his part well. i specially loved that scene after he crashed on a building. it was hilarious!



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