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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I know that I shouldn't expect any flowers or surprise from Mike for Mother's day even though I've been dropping hints here and there...he's really bad at special occasions. I didn't expect anything from anybody but I was surprised how the day turned out. Random people and random things surprised  me in their own little way.

When I woke up, the first SMS I got was from my boss "Naa moy bonus next week, Happy Mother's Day!" Hurray! My boss sure knows how to surprise us. This is our most awaited yearly bottom line bonus and there were rumors that we won't be receiving any for the year so yehey!

Mike and I were thinking of eating out but we we thought that the restos would be full so for lunch, we decided to order in Pizza and Pasta from Yellowcab.

May 13 is my Kuya Edwin's birthday, he passed away last 2010, so Mike and I went to St. Joseph to light candles and offer our prayers. Afterwards,we went to buy Ice Cream at Merco Lanang but we ended up buying the elusive Magnum Chocolate Truffles which I really wanted to try for quite sometime. We wanted to go to a nearby beach for fresh air but we ended up at Waterfront Hotel Parking Lot :)

For Dinner, we assumed that the in laws would be inviting us over at their house but surprise2x, they decided to bring food and have dinner at our house instead.

I was really happy how the day turned out and the biggest present came from my one and only ...Kulay. I've been teaching him to kiss me on the cheek but he wouldn't and would give me a flying kiss instead. But today, he gave me a wet and noisy kiss on the cheek. A Perfect Mother's day gift.


  1. Yay! Pagka swerte sa mama oi. Belated happy mom's day Raine...

    Si Bella dili kabalo mo kiss kay dili patudluan sa iyang Tatay aron dili daw mag kiss kang bisan kinsa. Hehehe

  2. @Rovie: Thank you! Belated pud diay :) kastrikto ba sa Tatay ni Bella oi

    @Glorypearl: thanks for dropping by :)



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