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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Customized Blog Header

I've been pestering Mike to make me a blog header but  he seemed to be always busy. So last Sunday, after all the chores have been done and the lil monster was asleep, I decided to do it myself. With my beginners level Photoshop skills, I am proud that I was able to come up with this one :) I just uploaded the photo as header and voila! instant customized header. I'm still figuring out though how to resize the header because I just used the "shrink to fit" option.
A little explanation not that it needs one but just because I want to :) 
The first photo from the left is our wedding rings shot by Mike.
The second photo is one of our prenuptial photo taken by Mike's friend, Dot.
The third photo is Kulay's tiny little feet and Mike's hand when Kulay was just a week old.
The fourth photo is Kulay's pre- Baptism photoshoot when he was still 5 months.
The last photo was our first New Year in our own house, we just used a tripod to take this photo.
So that's it! I love that it sorta represents our journey as a family. This header will probably be staying for a while as I am too lazy these days to fiddle with the layout of this blog.


  1. Wow, this is so nice Raine... Congrats!

  2. Nindot kaayo! :)

  3. @Rovie and Karina: salamat sa appreciation :)

  4. Agree! Nice gud, I love it! :)

  5. @Meiyah: salamat kaayo for the comment and for dropping by :)



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