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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Belated Father's Day Post

First off, I thought father's day was last June 3, the first sunday of June so I greeted my husband, my father, father in law and my boss. I later learned that Father's Day was moved to June 17 or was it always the 3rd Sunday of June? Or was it moved because of Pacquiao Fight? Whatever, I'll just confirm it next time so I'll know for sure. 
On the "real" Father's Day, Mike was commissioned for a shoot out of town (Santa Maria, Davao Del Sur Festival)so we did not celebrate it. It was just me and Kulay alone in the house while praying that Mike would get home safely. He did got home at 4:00am Monday.I took a leave at work because I was so sleepy, was not able to sleep waiting for Mike. Later that day we had our grocery and we just ordered out Yellowcab and 360 Pudding Milk Tea. All in all it our celebration wasn't anything grand but I am still happy that we are all together and that Mike never wavered in being a good husband and especially being a good father to Kulay.
To the 2nd greatest Father in the world,  My own Dad is the 1st ;) ,
Happy Father's Day, We love you :)


  1. hehehe nice, uso pa diay ni. naa pod ing-ani na pic akong younger bro.

  2. @julienne: oo uso pa.dira gani namo ginapaliguan hehehe



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