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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My happy thought

I noticed that ever since I had a baby I rarely get sick. I theorized that even though I am more physically exhausted now with work, household chores and taking care of the baby...I am now stress free. And we all know that the negative consequence of stress is make our body vulnerable to sickness. I am stress free now because of my son. No matter how my day s*cks at work and I am at my wits end on how to make ends meet, every time I get home and see my son, I feel happy. The outside world and all the worries it brings fades into the background as I cuddle and play with him.He is my happy personal pixie dust that helps keep me sane and make me believe that everything's gonna be alright.


  1. super true mommy raine! murag naay magic sa mga baby every time they smile wala jud problema...

    favor diay raine if you have time, pwde pa comment ko ani na post please need lang sa opp...

    thanks kaau..

  2. wooooow. ing-ana diay na ^__^ hehehe

  3. @rovie: apir! sorry just read your comment...will post comment soon :)

    @julienne: oo ana na mao kung mapansin nimo panagsa lang magkasakit imo mama hehehe cge lang maka relate ra ka soon

  4. This was my exact gift to B when he was 1 year old. 200 pieces and he chewed 80 of them. LOL.

    1. hahaha this is actually in a playhouse.i'm also planning to buy my son this since he love it so much



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