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Friday, July 20, 2012

Villa Carmelita In-Land Resort and Hotel

One of the things that I love about Davao is that everything is just within reach. You need not travel far to relax and have fun as we have various in-land resorts just 30 minutes to an hour drive from the city. 
The first stop of our DB Tour 2012 for the Toril Trailblazers group was Villa Carmelita In-land Resort and Hotel  which is just located along Toril Highway. The place was so familiar and I remembered that I attended a wedding before which was held at their outdoor function hall.

The resort has an infinity pool, adult and kiddie pools and water slides. Perfect for outings and events! Entrance Fee is only P100 for adults, P80 for 2-10 yrs old, Free for children below 2 yrs. old. This fee already includes the pool, slides and use of tables,chairs and cottages.They also have a Dining Area and can order food but you can also bring in your own food with corresponding corkage fees.

The resort has been operating since 2009 and they just opened their Hotel with 21 rooms last year (June 2011). The standard room (twin) rate is at P1,500 inclusive of breakfast for two. 

They also have a spacious airconditioned function room which is perfect for weddings,birthdays and other occasions. 

Villa Carmelita In-Land Resort and Hotel
Location: Km 14 McArthur Highway,Toril,Davao City
Contact No.: (082)295-2688 and (082)286-1726

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