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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

My days are filled with sounds.  Some sounds are welcome to my ears while most are unwanted sounds that become noise. Every working day I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. On my way to work I am surrounded by the sound of traffic, the beeping of the horns, purr of the engines and chatter of the commuters. When I am at work the noises are muted but it’s still there. Around my tiny working space are sounds of the office machines, incessant ringing of phones, air-conditioning system and employees talking. These noises add up stress to my daily life.  That is why I rejoice when Saturday comes because for two days I can escape from the noises and the stress of work.  

During the weekends, I wake up as late as I want or when my son would gently rouse me and my husband from slumber. We sometimes go out to attend mass and visit my son’s grandparents but we usually just stay at home because it is the time we set for household chores like cleaning and doing the laundry.
As a working mother, I look forward to just spend a quiet and relaxing time with my family at home. I treat these moments as very precious because it is my time to bond with the three most important people in my life: my husband, my two year old son and my self.  The best things about these moments are:

Appreciation of nature:  My son and I usually stay in the garden. We would lie in the hammock beneath an old huge mango tree or lay a blanket on the grass and observe nature. We would watch the leaves fall and listen to the chirping of the birds. We would occasionally be rewarded with the sight of a fluttering butterfly on a nearby flower bush. It is a very relaxing and recharging experience to be with nature even in our own little garden.

Communication: In the absence of noises and distractions we can have conversations and really hear each other out. My son is still learning to speak and my husband and I encourage him by having conversations with him.  My husband and I also have better communication on weekends. At the end of the day we would love to sit outside and talk about anything under the moon.

Play and Learn:  We take every thing as an opportunity to teach our son. In doing chores he is very curious so we let him help. When my husband is preparing our meal we would give our son his own pot and utensils and he would mimic his dad.  While I clean around the house we would give him task like cleaning up his toys. Of course we also read him books and allow him to play with his toys.

ME time: After all my chores are done, when my son is having his nap or playing with his dad I sneak some time for myself. I would just curl up in bed and catch up on my reading or go online and write on my blog. It is the time I allow myself to bask in silence and get in touch with my inner self.

I have heard of Electrolux new products and I am excited by their HUSH features. It means that they engineered their products to operate at minimal noise level. I can see it perfectly fitting our home and won’t disrupt our peaceful weekend.

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green Vacuum: Why have they thought of noiseless vaccum just now? I wonder. I rarely use our vacuum because it sounds awful. With this Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum, I could hum "easy...easy like sunday morning" while cleaning our house and actually hear myself and have conversations with my husband and kid from across the room.

Electrolux Powersilent Blender: My son always covers his ears when we use our good ol blender. He doesn't like the noise it makes so this Powersilent Blender from Electrolux is just perfect for us. I can picture the three of us having a good time preparing a smoothie with this blender.

Know more about these products at Electorolux website and Follow them on Twitter for instant updates.

Note: This is my entry to Nuffnang and Electrolux HUSH Going back to Happiness at Home contest/


  1. I love your writing style and your photos are beautifully taken. I could almost hear your laughter and I feel your joy at spending quality time with the most precious people in your life. Just this morning the hubby and I were kidding each other about him taking the vacuum cleaner to his office and I was urging him to purchase another one for his personal use because the one we have at home is all mine...that line made us look at each other and laughter filled the air...hmmmm electolux must be the answer to our dilemma then hehe...will check out their site in a little while...happy mommying! :)

    1. Thanks sis! Your comment made my day (really!) :)
      yes do check out electrolux new producta as it claims to be quieter than other vacuums :)

  2. I never had the chance to own any Electrolux appliances in my life. I would love to try that silent vacuum because my pooch goes loco whenever I vacuum the house. She goes berserk! She's too scared of the noise.

    I heard Electrolux makes great appliances but I haven't seen one in the market here in Dubai.

  3. I could never think of anything but "PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE BABIES". I love the idea of it. Noise pollution is everywhere and making milkshake in silence is just an added delight for a yummy cold slurp.

  4. I'm happy jud te, for you, kuya and Kulay. Your family is full of colors :) Talagang masayang-masaya!

  5. I love your photos. Na miss ko tuloy noong bulingit pa ang mga kids ko. Electrolux now go for less-noise products -- that's great. I'll check out their site, medyo interested ako sa blender.

  6. that kind of vacuum is what I've been dreaming for a long time! great family photos...I love the first one!

  7. Good luck on your entry, I hope you win. Those special moments with family is golden!

  8. you are right sis, working Mom always long for the weekends because it's the time for family and away from the hassle of work. :-)

    About electrolux, uhmmm no yet, i am not using a vacuum at home though but maybe i could try their other products. :-)

  9. i am so in love of that very spontaneous picture of you and your son, so love your writing and also your style in taking photos. i admire you, for being able to manage your time so well.

    1. PS...would like to add about making the most of everything and taking every opportunity to teach your son, like modeling to him cleaning household or preparing meals, it's really a great way for your son to learn.

  10. I just love how these post is presented in a very organized and spontaneous manner. And the lovely captures aptly describes your real life fairy tale :-)

    Anyways, we own an Electrolux vacuum cleaner at home and I'd definitely give you a "go" for this very reliable home appliance :-)

  11. I love this post. Amazing style of writing plus the photos adds some sparks to it. Well-captured! ♥

    I am so interested with the Electrolux blender. I'm such a blender freak.

  12. I agree. Vacuums can be so loud, like crazy loud. Fortunately, I do it only on the weekends.

  13. Thank you all for your comments and appreciation. I already feel like a winner with your kind words! :)



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