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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things To Consider When Buying Baby Stuff

I have lots of pregnant friends and I really envy them because having a new baby is such a huge blessing. And one of the most exciting part is shopping for your future baby's clothes and stuff. But before you go and splurge for your baby, here are some humble tips I'd like to share:

1. Refrain from buying until the baby's gender is established. 

When I was pregnant I was hoping for a girl and got pretty excited and started window shopping for cute pink girl clothes. My mother told me not to buy until I reach seven months, I heeded her advice to which I'm really thankful because the baby in my tummy turned out to be a boy which was already determined during my first TVS (Trans Vaginal Ultrasound) at 12 weeks. Most gender is determined by 20 weeks and onwards so better wait.

2. Try to ask from friends and relatives for hand me downs

Babies grow too fast so they also outgrow their clothes very quickly. It is wise to ask for relatives and friends who recently had babies for hand me downs or some stuff you can borrow.

3. Wait for your Baby Shower

You are not the only person excited for your baby, I'm pretty sure your family and friends are too! They will surely organize a baby shower (secret and surprise) for you and you'll receive lots of baby stuffs then.
Me at 8 Months Pregnant During My Surprise Baby Shower

4. Decide if You Will Use Cloth Diapers

Even before your baby is born you and your partner should talk and decide whether you will use cloth diapers for your baby. This decision will guide you in your shopping for lampins or other forms of baby diapers.

5. Refrain from Buying Feeding Bottles

Every mother is encouraged to breastfeed their newborns so better condition your mind that you will exclusively breastfeed your baby. Besides if the need will arise then it is very easy to buy Feeding bottles which is available at drug stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and department stores.

Having a baby is really costly so it is really wise to save every dime and shop wisely for baby stuff.

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